Today business owners rely on the internet to operate parts or all of their business. Many of the critical business apps are hosted or run in the cloud including phones, messaging, CRM, POS, order systems, etc. If the internet goes down, these applications, your productivity and ability to do business is impacted.

Cellular 4G LTE backup can be attractive for SMB and Home Office remote worker internet backup because it is widely available, diverse from the broadband connection and can have an effective cost structure as a backup

We find this especially true when protecting critical applications for short connection issues or drops and the occasional broadband outages.

By implementing RabbitRun SOHO SD-WAN in your business not only can you improve the overall critical application performance with prioritization, but you can easily add reliability to your business internet with 4G LTE backup. Our solution keeps customers failsafe, meaning that they can enjoy no dropped voice calls and no dropped video meetings, whenever their internet fails-over from one provider to another including wireless 4GLTE.


FIVE things to consider when looking for an

SD-WAN 4G LTE backup solution:


Is it an integrated solution, easy to deploy and manage? Is it offered “as-a-service” allowing you to add the 4G LTE with a license upgrade, without a truck roll or box replacement?


Is the 4G LTE connection in backup mode, monitored and efficiently using minimal data? Are there easy to use tools to minimize data usage for non-critical home or business applications? (i.e., social media, video streaming, TV, application updates and backup, etc)?


Is the solution multi-carrier, able to switch between major national wireless carriers remotely with ease?


Does the solution actively monitor and manage the failover and failback effectively without manual intervention, and ensuring no data is leaking over the 4G LTE connection after failback?


Is the failover fast and effective such that it does not drop live phone or video meetings or critical business applications?

Our SOHO SDWAN solution is offered through partners as-a-Service, with no Capex. The all-in-one device supports single link, dual-link, or 4G LTE backup with data plan all by licensing features on the solution. It’s easy to deploy and remotely manage via the cloud portal. Each link is monitored including the cellular 4G connection, and without the need for static IP. With features like SafeGuard LTE usage, you can easily configure the critical business applications to use the 4G LTE data and prevent any other applications from consuming wireless data. Our multi-carrier 4G LTE service makes deploying devices for backup wireless service simple and quick as our solution is ready to go out of the box. Our intelligent Agile SD-WAN device manages the detection, failover, and failback without dropping a live phone call or video meeting.

If your customers are looking for “better internet”, we have the solution!

Ensure your business stays open with RabbitRun failsafe technology.