4G LTE Cellular Backup

Built-in Multi-Carrier Modem

Integrated 4G LTE Failover Capability

In many cases,  4G LTE failover is the only practical way  to ensure uptime for remote workers and small businesses.  Using the cellular network to protect critical business applications offers deployment flexibility as well as diversity from traditional wireline networks. 

Our solutions combine agile SDWAN technology with a built-in multi-carrier 4G LTE cellular modem,  resulting in  performance characteristics that are simply not available from other vendors.    



  • Cloud orchestration and management presents one system for all provisioning and management tasks.
  • Multi-carrier modem permits operation on all major wireless carriers in the US and Canada.
  • Super-fast failover lets existing voice and video calls continue uninterrupted when primary link goes down.
  • Engineered from the ground up to minimize 4G data usage:
    • Consumes less that 100MB/month of cellular data in standby mode;
    • Only designated traffic gets routed to the 4G link during failover;
    • Consistent and reliable failback to the primary circuit as soon as it becomes available. 

Available 4G LTE Data Plan

If desired, RabbitRun SD-WAN devices can ship with a 4G LTE multi-carrier SIM  pre-installed.    The multi-carrier SIM eases provisioning and deployment to customers by automatically activating the local wireless carrier with the strongest signal.  This facilitates installation and eliminates  the need to do a site survey at each customer location.   After activation, the SIM provides economical failover service charged per gigabyte.

If your customers are looking for “better internet”, we have the solution!

Ensure internet connectivity is protected from disruption and your business stays open with RabbitRun failsafe technology.