There is a gap between small business requirements and SD-WAN solutions

In the ever-changing landscape of digital connectivity, small businesses face challenges in maintaining reliable and secure online operations. That’s where RabbitRun Technologies Inc. steps in, providing tailored SD-WAN solutions for the unique needs of small businesses. With a dedication to delivering enterprise-level performance, RabbitRun is revolutionizing how small businesses digitally transform, ensuring online presence at an affordable cost.

A Tailored Approach to Multi-Cloud Networking

RabbitRun simplifies Multi-Cloud SD-WAN for small businesses. Using software-defined networking, it ensures strong connections for applications across various clouds. The automated multi-path steering guarantees uninterrupted service for vital operations like VoIP and point-of-sale transactions, crucial for small businesses.

Affordable and Accessible SD-WAN Services

Acknowledging the financial struggles small businesses often face, RabbitRun introduces a service model cutting out significant upfront costs. Our SD-WAN solutions operate as a service, demanding a reasonable monthly fee. This empowers small businesses to adopt advanced networking technologies without straining their finances.

Uncompromised Connectivity with Failsafe Features

RabbitRun’s service centers around fail-safe connectivity with flawless failover capabilities. If one provider encounters issues, RabbitRun seamlessly switches to another, ensuring continuity without disrupting active VoIP calls or ongoing Point-of-Sale transactions. This critical feature guarantees businesses stay online and operational, avoiding potentially costly downtimes.

Simplicity and Support at the Forefront

RabbitRun prioritizes simplicity, designing devices and services for easy installation behind existing ISP modems. Businesses can quickly start operations with minimal hassle. The package includes a comprehensive monitoring and alert system, facilitating proactive handling of service-related issues. This support transforms the installation and maintenance of business networks, offering peace of mind for business owners.

Leadership with Vision

The innovative drive of RabbitRun originates from its founder, Pat Saavedra, a visionary in the telecom industry. Drawing from years of expertise and a track record of prosperous ventures in the high-tech startup realm, Saavedra’s understanding of the small and medium business market has influenced RabbitRun’s solutions. This influence ensures that the offerings are precisely tailored to address the unique networking requirements of this segment.

Our mission is to innovate and deliver Small Business SD-WAN solutions with Enterprise level performance and features that transform applications and services using the Internet.

Pat Saavedra

Founder & CTO, RabbitRun Technologies Inc.

Partnerships for Success

Understanding the importance of collaboration, RabbitRun welcomes partnerships with resellers and managed service providers. These collaborations are pivotal in broadening the reach of their SD-WAN solutions to a wider market. This ensures that the commitment to “always-on” connectivity is not just a promise but a realized certainty for small businesses.

  • Products are available through telecommunications technology indirect sales channels, focusing on key networking needs in the Small Business SD-WAN markets.

In Conclusion

RabbitRun stands out as a leader in delivering SD-WAN solutions for small businesses, driven by innovation, customer-centric service, and collaborative partnerships. Amid growing demands on digital network infrastructures, RabbitRun’s solutions offer reliability, cost-effectiveness, and scalability for your business connectivity requirements.

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