Agile Edge SD-WAN Products Designed for SOHO

Easy as 1, 2, 3

Step 1

Select your device to match your link and speed requirements


Small Office / Remote Worker

Built-in 4G LTE Modem

(150 Mbps Down x 50 Mbps Up)

5xGbe (2xWAN, 3xLAN)


500 Mbps Internet


Medium Office or HQ

Built-in 4G LTE Modem

(150 Mbps Down x 50 Mbps Up)

4xGbe (2xWAN, 2xLAN)

Individual Ethernet Ports

1000 Mbps Internet

Step 2

Select your monthly site license to match number of links/features 

Flat Rate License with No Bandwidth Tier Limitations

License Required:

  • Access to RabbitRun Cloud Portal
  • Device Registration & Enable Features
  • Remote Management – Jump Service

Service Benefits:

  • Reduce Installation Time
  • Zero Touch Provider Modem Strategy
  • No Static IP Required, Works Behind Provider Firewalls and NAT
  • Support – Connect With a Click
  • Onboard Probes & Test Tools for Network Latency, Jitter, Loss & Voice Quality Scoring (MOS)


Single Link Internet & WiFi

Small Office / Remote Worker

Cloud Managed Internet & WiFi

Advanced QoS & Traffic Engineering

Remote Access To Device – Jump Service


Dual Link Failover & Load Balance

Managed Multiple Provider Connections Entry Feature +

Advanced Connection Load Balancing

Failsafe – No Dropped VoIP & Video Calls on Failover Between Providers

Application Traffic Steering over Multiple Connections

Step 3

Order & Deploy

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