SD-WAN as-a-Service

Installation and Support Reimagined



Our Managed Service Provides Ease of Use and Installation, while our Monitoring and Alerts System Helps Partners Get In Front of Service Issues.

Ease of Installation & Support

  • RabbitRun devices are easy to install and can be deployed behind existing ISP modems.
  • No need for static IP from our ISP – we do not have a double NAT problem.
  • Connect to your device remotely from our devices portal using our Jump Service. (Even if the device is behind NAT)
  • No broadband, no problem – use our 4G Modem to access the Device.
  • Drop-ship preconfigured devices to your customer.
    We ride with you on your install – (video & screen sharing for install)

Monitoring & Management

Our SD-WAN Monitoring and Alert System charts device activity and emails notification alerts for connectivity, SIP accounts, and Power.

  • Get MOS Scores and Service Metrics


  • Device – Link Down / Restored
  • Device – Site Down / Restored
  • SIPWatch – Phone Register / De-Register
  • PowerWatch – Power On / Off

Jump Service for Devices

  • Support escalations require easy and secure remote access to devices.
  • Save Install Time – Eliminate provider modem configuration requirements and support.
  • Save Support Time – No disturbing customers to request remote access to their PC.
  • Jump Service gets support technicians on the RabbitRun device even when behind NAT.
  • Perform advanced diagnostics & testing.

LAN Jump

  • Connect to any device on the LAN

Connect to Phones and ATA Devices

  • Access the web user interface of a phone that is on the LAN without port mapping or the need for a VPN client.

Cyber Security DOS Add On for SD-WAN

Detect, Prevent, Protect, and Analyze Attacks

Small businesses need affordable protection from online attacks, especially those that try to overwhelm their systems.

  • Quarantine – Automatically Detects & Quarantines Suspicious Traffic.
  • 3 Modes of Operation & Sensitivity – Low, Mid, Aggressive and Custom.
  • Inspects LAN and WAN – Protects your internal network and your upstream supply chain.

Attack Shield

  • Uses Traffic Flow Analysis

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