RabbitRun Key Features

Multi-Cloud SD-WAN Capabilities

We make Multi-Path steering easy and automatic by connecting business applications to multiple clouds with quality and assurance using our floating Overlays. Connect and steer traffic to your VoIP provider, Point-of-Sale provider, and your corporate network.

Site-to-Site Full Mesh (WAN Connect)

Connect to the corporate Wide Area Network with WAN Connect using fully Encrypted Floating Overlays. We can establish a full mesh Site-to-Site network without the need of static internet access IP addresses at each site.  Our Software-Defined-Networking Control Plane handles all the traffic steering and routing between sites.

Remote Access Service

Authorized users can securely connect to the office with a VPN client when off site. Template controlled security policies define the users, groups and assets that are available and accessible.

Advanced Congestion Aware Quality of Service

The solution has advanced congestion aware quality of service (QoS) directing critical business applications in front of other non-mission critical traffic.

Failsafe, “no drop” Failover

It keeps customers Failsafe with no dropped voice and video meetings whenever the internet fails-over from one provider to another including wireless 4GLTE.

Advanced Connection load balancing & Application Traffic Steering

Our advanced load balancing system utilizes the maximum network connectivity while providing the best application performance. Application Traffic steering allows predictable user experience by directing specific traffic over the desired Internet connections.

Simplified Deployment & Jump Service

Simplified installation, that’s fast and isn’t complicated. Plug & play solution and enhanced remote management via the Cloud Portal reduces install and support time. Jump over the Internet modems and access the device directly without disturbing the customer or getting remote PC access.

Integrated 4GLTE Capabilities

4G LTE is an attractive solution for SMB and Remote workers as backup internet. Our SD-WAN Routers have built-in, multi-carrier 4G LTE modem with automated failover that’s easy to deploy & manage.

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