Attack Shield

SD-WAN with Cyber Security for Small Businesses

Attack Shield


Small businesses need affordable protection from online attacks, especially those that try to overwhelm their systems.

Traffic Flow Analysis Tool

Attack Shield is a traffic flow based analysis tool, designed for small and micro businesses facing the challenge of costly and resource intensive DDOS Cyber protection. It efficiently analyzes and manages traffic flows within the limitations of small office devices, providing a balance between effective protection and normal application operation. The solution predicts, protects, and reports on DOS/DDOS attacks.

Uses the Metadata-Traffic-Controller (MTC):

RabbitRun Technologies uses a Metadata-Traffic-Controller (MTC) to power all SD-WAN devices in a Stateful System, monitoring all traffic flows passing through the our routers.

Understanding Traffic Flows:

Flows are like conversations between two points passing through or going to the device. They provide essential traffic information, including additional metadata.

System Resources:

Small office devices have limited memory, affecting the number of flows they can track. The RRT-200-LTE, in normal operation, supports a maximum of 16384 flows, more than enough for a small office SDWAN setup.

Flow Management:

Tracked flows eventually timeout, allowing new flows to form. However, relying solely on flow timeout isn’t effective against DOS attacks, and adjusting these settings can impact normal operations.

Attack Shield Features

Detect, Prevent, Protect, and Analyze Attacks

This is a new and novel approach using intelligent Traffic Flow Analysis from the SD-WAN Router’s Metadata.

Automatically Detects & Quarantines:

     Supports Block & Allow Lists

     Handles Heavy Attack Purging

3 Modes of Operation & Sensitivity:

     Low – Catches Mostly Larger Attacks

     Mid – Catches Large to Moderate Attacks

     Aggressive – Catches Small to Large Attacks

     Custom – Expert Mode

Inspects LAN & WAN:

The solution can also find compromised internal devices that have launched attacks to outside world targets to help protect upstream supply chain connections.

     Inspects World to LAN

     Inspects LAN to World

Cloud Portal Reports & Alerts:

Receive alerts and analyze historical state changes and attack data.

     Attack Alerts

     Attack State Change History


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