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SD-WAN for POTS Replacement


RabbitRun has expanded its SD-WAN capabilities to better service the copper POTS replacement market for IT MSP & Private label UCaaS providers.

We deliver the technology as-a-Service so that our partners can provide reliable and managed network services to their customers.

There are no up-front fees for equipment and our low monthly license fees make POTS over SD-WAN affordable for Small and Medium Businesses.

Bring Your Own SIP Service

  • Replace POTS over SD-WAN
  • Packet Loss Mitigation Recovers Lost VoIP Packets
  • Failover With Dual ISP & Multi-Carrier Cellular
  • Manage Safety Phones with SIP & Power Alerts

POTS Affected by Cost Rise & Sunset of Services

Up to 30M Lines Need Replacing (USA)

It is estimated that there are up to 30M Legacy Copper/POTS Lines still in operation today and cost for these legacy POTS lines are increasing as carriers focus on more modern fiber based services.

You Can Replace:

  • Alarm Panels
  • Elevator Phones
  • Building Access
  • Dialup Point-of-Sale
  • Medical FAX
  • Other Safety Phones
  • Data Sensor Modems
  • Other Mission Critical Applications

Overlay Plus for Alarm & FAX over IP

Enhanced VoIP Transmission

Safety phones require more than just analog to digital conversion for VoIP reliability. Whether your phones or alarm panels are transmitting over fiber, cable, and cellular, the level of service must be flawless.

We have strengthened our SD-WAN Overlay transport to support low levels of packet loss across any connection in order to better serve these type of mission critical applications and assure delivery to the PSTN via any cloud-based PBX or hosted VoIP service.

  • Overlay Plus service delivers flawless FAX, Alarm Panel communications, and improves voice even over poor-quality connections.

Alternate Path Routing & Diverse Carrier for NFPA & VoIP

Our SD-WAN service works with diverse carrier connections including broadband over fiber, cable, DSL and cellular internet services.

  • We combine multiple carrier connections into a single service and deliver flawless failover from one provider to another while maintaining live voice, video, IoT, and other mission critical data services.

Medical FAX & HIPPA with Our SD-WAN

No Store & Forward Needed

Overlay Plus can eliminate the store and forward FAX gateway requirements for VoIP providers and private label VoIP MSPs by using standard G.711 voice encoding protocols while maintaining FAX transmission packet integrity.

  • Eliminate T.38 and the store and forward HIPPA compliancy issues caused by the FAX gateway.
  • VoIP providers can now offer FAX services using a standard G.711 codec to support the Real-Time transmission-only and conduit exception type service for HIPPA.
  • VoIP providers can also eliminate the risk of stored document access to private health information (PHI) concerns for HIPPA.

Monitoring for POTS SIP Lines

Register & Deregister Alerts

Most Safety Phones are not like regular voice phone extensions. In many cases they are low use handsets or alarm panels. 

Although low in use, these phone services demand high availability connectivity and are mission critical, requiring always-on presence and must be ready to operate in case of an emergency.

  • Our SIPWatch feature monitors these phone registrations and sends you an alert in the event of a deregistration so that you may proactively support these mission critical assets.

Backup Power Monitoring for NFPA Support

Power Off & Power On Alerts

Recognizing the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) standby backup power requirements for alarm panels, we can monitor the UPS connecting the POTS equipment.

RabbitRun SD-WAN Routers Connect to your Backup Power Devices and Detect Power Outages for Emergency Systems:

  • Our PowerWatch tool provides notification that there is a power outage at the location affecting the POTS equipment.
  • The system also provides a runtime estimate of online minutes left of operation and can help determine battery life expectancy.
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