Remote-Access-Service (RAS)

Remote Access Service (RAS) securely connects authorized users to the office with a VPN client.


RAS Features:

Control Remote Access Policies, Assets & Groups

  • Setup Users & Groups
  • Identify & Create LAN Asset Groups
  • Specify Assets that Users and Groups Can Remotely Access
  • Use Windows, MAC, Android, or Linux VPN Client


Although we mainly focus on Site-to-Cloud, we can also connect your remote branches with RabbitRun’s Layer3 Site-to-Site Floating Overlays.

WAN Connect is our Full Mesh Site-to-Site Service:

WAN Connect is our site-to-site Multi-Cloud SD-WAN solution that connects you to the corporate Wide Area Network using fully Encrypted Floating Overlays, and without the need of static internet access IP addresses at each site.  Our Software-Defined-Networking Control Plane handles all the traffic steering and routing between sites.

Businesses need Multi Cloud services including Site-to-Cloud and Site-to-Site access:

  • Connects your business application providers with quality and connection assurance
  • Steer a path to your Cloud Voice provider
  • Direct your Point-of-Sale transactions on the available connections
  • Connect corporate sites with secured site-to-site Floating Overlays with diverse carrier connections

Attack Shield (Q1 2024)

Introducing Attack Shield, the Intelligent Metadata Traffic Flow Analysis feature that Monitors & Protects Against Suspicious Network Activity. This new feature can detect aggressive Intrusion & Denial of Service attacks.

Features Include:

  • Automatically detects & quarantines suspicious traffic
  • Supports block and allow traffic lists
  • Purge heavy attacks to stay online and transacting
  • Reports detected attack states
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