RabbitRun has expanded its Small Business SD-WAN capabilities to better service the copper POTS replacement market for IT MSP & Private label UCaaS providers.

  • Using our Overlay Plus addon, we survive small amounts of packet loss and recreate the lost voice packets to ensure clear and complete communications.


  • Bring Your Own SIP Service
  • Replace POTS using SD-WAN Reliability
  • Packet Loss Mitigation Recovers Lost VoIP Packets
  • Failover With Dual ISP & Multi-Carrier Cellular (AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile)
  • Manage Safety Phones with SIP & Power Alerts
  • Remotely Connect to Control Systems, Safety Phones, ATA Devices
  • Custom Enclosure Kit Available with up to 27HRs Backup Power


Most Safety Phones are not like regular voice phone extensions. In many cases they can be low use handsets that require highly reliable network service.

These include:

  • Alarm Panels
  • Elevator Phones
  • Building Access
  • Dialup Point-of-Sale
  • Medical FAX
  • Other Safety Phones (Pool Side)
  • Data Sensor Modems
  • Other Mission Critical Applications

Monitor Your SIP Lines

Although low in use, these phone services demand high availability connectivity and are mission critical, requiring always-on presence and must be ready to operate in case of an emergency.

  • Our SIPWatch feature monitors these phone registrations and sends you an alert in the event of a deregistration so that you may proactively support these mission critical assets.



Recognizing the NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) standby backup power requirements for alarm panels, we can monitor the UPS connecting the POTS equipment.

Monitor Site Power

RabbitRun SD-WAN Routers Connect to your Backup Power Devices and Detect Power Outages for Emergency Systems.
  • Our PowerWatch tool provides notification that there is a power outage at the location affecting the POTS equipment.
  • The system also provides a runtime estimate of online minutes left of operation and can help determine battery life expectancy.


Support escalations require easy and secure remote access to devices.

LANJump Benefits:

  • Save Install Time – Eliminate provider modem configuration requirements and support.
  • Save Support Time – No disturbing customers to request remote access to their PC.
  • Jump Service gets support technicians on to the actual device at the site and nearest to your assets.
  • Perform advanced diagnostics & testing.

Connect to Any LAN Device

Connect from our portal and with a click of an icon, you can get On-Site without disturbing your customers (Bypass NAT & Firewalls).

  • Works for HTTP & HTPS devices
  • Access any device directly connected to the RabbitRun SD-WAN Router.

Connect to Phones & ATA Devices:

  • Access the web user interface of a phone that is on the LAN without port mapping or the need for a VPN client.
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