SD-WAN Features Beyond Failover

In this series, we will share some of the more interesting features that our channel partners enjoy as part of our Managed SD-WAN as-a-Service for Small Businesses.

We are already known for our ability to failover from one provider to another without dropping live voice calls and keeping point-of-sale transactions flowing.

Stay tuned over the next few posts as we talk about more than our Failover.

And Did You Know About?

There are many other valued features that our Small Business SD-WAN service provides, including:

  • Multi-Carrier Cellular
  • Monitoring & Alerts
  • Overlay Plus (POTS Replacement)
  • SIPWatch
  • PowerWatch
  • LAN Jump
  • Remote Access Server
  • Site-to-Site WAN Connect
  • Introducing Attack Shield

Multi-Carrier Cellular Service

In many cases, 4G LTE failover is the only practical way to ensure uptime for small businesses.  Using the cellular network to protect critical business applications offers deployment flexibility as well as diversity from traditional wireline networks.

Our SD-WAN solution comes with a built-in multi-carrier 4G LTE cellular modem and service that automatically connects to and dynamically switches between AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon 4G LTE services.

This premium backup service ensures that there is always one of the three cellular carriers connected and ready to take your traffic in the event of an Internet outage from your primary broadband or fiber provider.

Our 4G LTE Service Offers:

  • Automatic Cellular Carrier Switching
  • On Demand Carrier Switching
  • Cellular Service Speed Testing
  • Cellular Provider Scan & Service Predictor Utility
  • External Antenna Extenders

SD-WAN Device & Service Alerts:

Our SD-WAN Monitoring and Alert System was designed to integrate with our device payload information to chart activity and email notification alerts for connectivity, SIP accounts, and Power.

  • The system can alert within 1-6 minutes using our device firmware which immediately generates and sends a new payload to the Portal and Alert System on a link down event.


  • Device – Link Down / Restored
  • Device – Site Down / Restored
  • SIPWatch – Phone Register / De-Register
  • PowerWatch – Power On / Off
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