Hear from our Partner XComm Communications about SD-WAN as-a-Service

Pat Saavedra, Founder of RabbitRun Technologies, and Jeff Reynolds, CEO of XComm Communications, a RabbitRun partner, discussed the benefits of their collaboration. They highlighted the automatic failover capabilities and multi-carrier cellular 4G LTE connectivity of RabbitRun’s SD-WAN product, which enables small businesses to stay online without interruptions. The importance of expertise in various areas such as voice, security, and data networking was stressed, as well as the significance of finding reliable partners and a strong infrastructure to support global operations.

The discussion also touched upon the affordability and superior performance of RabbitRun’s product, which has helped SMBs adapt to changes in the business landscape and provided remote service and control. Overall, both emphasized the importance of collaboration with partners and the differentiation of their offerings in the competitive landscape.

Feel free to reach out to both for more information and be sure to also check out our previous interview with RabbitRun: https://www.e-channelnews.com/small-to-mid-size-businesses-get-high-performance-affordable-sd-wan-as-a-service/

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