We are pleased to announce that we have completed the installation of RabbitRun VHUB instances in the SkySwitch geo-nodes located in New Jersey, Atlanta, Dallas and Las Vegas.

This means that you can now send SkySwitch voice and video to the appropriate SkySwitch core switch knowing that your packets are routed over the most direct path using an encrypted overlay.

The benefits to you include:

  • No Cost – Because SkySwitch is hosting the VHUBs, there is no usage cost to you for activating this feature.
  • Encrypted Tunnel – The RabbitRun floating overlay is an encrypted VPN that allows your packets to bypass SIP ALG and other potentially harmful network elements.
  • Advanced QoS – Since the SkySwitch VHUBs are situated in the same colo facilities as the SkySwitch core switches, voice packets will always take the most optimal route, while benefiting from RabbitRun’s congestion-aware, dynamic QoS capabilities.

All great stuff!  What’s the downside you may be wondering?  Because SkySwitch is not able to route non-SkySwitch traffic through its network, additional steps must be taken if you are protecting other types of traffic (such as POS terminals or non-SkySwitch collaboration tools).  In this case, we will need to configure your sites to send SkySwitch traffic to the SkySwitch VHUBs while the other traffic continues to route through the RabbitRun VHUBs – an enhancement made possible by RabbitRun’s recent support for multiple floating overlays.

To take advantage of this exciting new capability please choose one of the following options:

  1. If you do not need to protect non-SkySwitch traffic, then complete this authorization form and we will move your SkySwitch voice traffic to the appropriate SkySwitch colocated VHUB with no involvement needed from you (of course, we will do this during non-business hours and keep you informed of our activities at each step along the way).
  2. If you do have other traffic to protect, or if you have any other concerns, then use this calendar to schedule a session with our technical team where we can walk you through the available options.