SD-WAN MSP Case Study for Flyght PoS

The Flyght Unified POS Solution Advantage

Flyght is a leading Point-of-Sale and technology provider that revolutionizes operations for restaurants, retailers, hotels, and self-storage companies. Amid a landscape of disparate systems, Flyght stands as the definitive solution — a beacon of innovation offering a unified technology ecosystem, transcending siloed processes. Beyond tools, Flyght redefines efficiency, ensuring seamless integration and liberating customer time for impactful endeavors. This premier provider propels businesses into a future where technology harmoniously shapes success. Experience the Flyght advantage — a transformative journey toward operational excellence.

The Challenge

Meet Chris Rumpf – Founder

Chris was seeking a channel friendly networking technology & service partner, to combine with his unified solution offering and provide a managed network service for his customers.

Faced with the goal to enhance efficiency and harmony for his customers, Chris weighed his options — build, buy, or partner. Despite piecing together various technology and service components and trying different solutions, none met his market needs. Recognizing the complexity of achieving compliance, Chris identified the need for SD-WAN. However, conventional SD-WAN solutions designed and priced for Enterprise markets, posed challenges for his Small Business focus.

  • Enterprise solutions, marked by complexity and high upfront costs, demanded significant expenses, including monthly network management and licensing fees.

The Solution

Upon realizing the cost and resource implications of creating a bespoke solution using traditional Enterprise SD-WAN products, Chris sought a more economical and manageable alternative. Enter RabbitRun Technologies Inc., the pioneers behind an SD-WAN solution tailored explicitly for Small Businesses. RabbitRun distinguished itself by eliminating upfront equipment fees and delivering its solution as-a-Service through a network of trusted MSP and Reseller Channel Partners. Intrigued by the prospect, Chris thoroughly assessed and tested this innovative Small Business SD-WAN solution. 

  • Convinced of its efficacy, he forged a strategic partnership with RabbitRun, seamlessly incorporating the cost-effective, unified solution into a Managed SD-WAN offering for his customers.

The Benefits

By partnering with RabbitRun, Chris not only streamlined his operation, he also seamlessly addressed key application performance and uptime issues due to unexpected Internet outages.

  • The RabbitRun SD-WAN solution takes over when the main Internet connection goes down and keeps the business online and transacting.
  • All Point-of-Sale processing and Voice-over-IP calls just continue, while both customers and employees are not even aware there was an outage.
  • When the main Internet service provider has restored the connection, the RabbitRun system seamlessly stops using the cellular service and transactions resume on the broadband Internet service.

With RabbitRun, Chris streamlined operations & seamlessly addressed reliability of critical applications when unexpected Internet outages occur.

I highly recommend RabbitRun for MSPs integrating Managed SD-WAN. Their stellar support and cutting-edge technology elevate services for Small Business clients. With RabbitRun, we’ve found a trusted partner committed to excellence in every aspect.

Chris Rumpf

Founder, Flyght

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