Support Policy


1. Technical Support and Maintenance. RABBITRUN Technical Support includes access to the trouble ticketing system, telephone and email correspondence and interaction with the RABBITRUN technical support team during Standard Support Hours for Support Events of any Priority. Subject to availability of resources, RABBITRUN may, in its discretion, direct RESELLERs to use the trouble ticketing system and/or email in place of Telephone Support.

2. Standard Support Hours. Standard Support hours are between 8:00AM and 8:00PM Eastern Time, Monday through Friday. All other hours are considered Off Hours.

3. Off-Hour Support. Standard Support is available during Off Hours as needed for Priority 1 events. Access to Support during Off Hours for non-Priority 1 events is subject to availability and MUST be scheduled in advance.

4. Uncovered Priority 1 Events. In the event that RESELLER contacts RABBITRUN outside of standard support hours to help remedy a Priority 1 outage, the event will be reviewed by RABBITRUN and RESELLER to determine the cause of the outage. If RABBITRUN is determined to not be at fault for the cause of the event, the RESELLER will pay for RABBITRUN’ time spent at the after-hours non-planned emergency support at the rate of $100 per hour, with a one hour minimum. RESELLER will not be responsible for any incident fee or hourly fees if an outage is determined to be the fault of RABBITRUN.

5. Priority Definitions & Response Times (All Tickets):

Priority Level Response Time
Priority 1: This priority is reserved for system-wide outages that affect all RESELLER’s Subscribers. Examples include the downtime of a VHUB that is necessary for Subscribers to utilize the Core Services. One hour to respond and begin working with RESELLER to restore service.
Priority 2: This is the priority when severe problems are experienced that result in a partial service outage on ten (10) or more accounts. Two (2) hours to respond and begin working with RESELLER to restore service.
Priority 3: This is the default priority for day-to-day account-centric problems such as access to the account, password renewal, etc. Ten (10) hours to respond and begin working with RESELLER to address the problem.

6. Reason for Outage. RABBITRUN shall provide a Reason for Outage to RESELLER within 24 hours for any Priority 1 event. RABBITRUN shall provide a Reason for Outage to RESELLER within 96 hours for any Priority 2 event.

7. Escalation. In the event that your issue is not resolved through the standard support channels, the escalation path is as follows:

1. Pat Saavedra, CTO,

8. Response Time. Response time is calculated from the time RESELLER dispatches the ticket to RABBITRUN until the time when RABBITRUN provides a response to the ticket (note: a response does not constitute a Work-Around or a Permanent Solution).

9. Resolution of Other Problems. RABBITRUN shall use commercially reasonable efforts to deliver a resolution, or in case an immediate resolution is not possible, then a Work-Around, to all non-service affecting issues within the time frames outlined below:

Priority 1 – 2 days to respond
Priority 2 – 5 support days to respond
Priority 3 – 15 support days to respond
Priority 4 – when commercially reasonable

10. Standard Product Improvements and Software Version Upgrades. RESELLER will receive at no charge all new versions of any RABBITRUN software module, and any new features and standard product improvements that are made generally available to other RABBITRUN RESELLERs

11. Notification of Potential Maintenance or Changes. RABBITRUN will notify the RESELLER about any planned maintenance or relevant changes made to Platform, which have any potential to impact the RESELLER’s service.