Flawless 4G Failover – made for SMB’s

RabbitRun offers an affordable SD-WAN solution aimed at the small office, home office market sold through authorized resale partners. The solution prioritizes your voice, video & business-critical apps over other non-mission traffic & has 4G LTE backup to reduce business disruption.

Product Features

  • Advanced Congestion-Aware Quality of Service and Application Performance
  • Failsafe, “no drop” Failover
  • Easy to deploy – designed to be plug-and-play for SOHO market
  • Built-in 4G LTE wireless, multi-carrier solution
  • Cloud Managed with Remote Site Management Jump Service
  • SD-WAN as-a-Service – no upfront hardware cost

Viirtue Partner Offer

  • Viirtue partners will get Gold level discount for 1 year, regardless of volume. After the year pricing will be based on the aggregate of all Viirtue partners, so that you get the group buying power as a benefit of being a Viirtue partner.
  • Access to the Viirtue datacenter vHUBs for end-to-end encrypted voice and no additional voice overlay usage charges.
  • Viirtue partners will also be eligible for one demo unit for their home/office or demo purposes (not for resale) at a significant discount.

MSRP for LTE Failover license with a 1GB data plan is only $79.99/month and includes hardware.

Learn more and become our reseller partner.