RabbitRun Keeps Your Business Online

Multi-Cloud SD-WAN 

What is the real cost of an outage and how much money is lost when your
Point-of-Sale(POS) system cannot process transactions?
and your phone calls don’t get through?

Solution Provides:

✓  Saves Downtime Costs

  Survive Internet Outages

  Built-In Cellular Modem for Failover

  Easy to Install & Cloud Managed

  No Upfront Fees For Equipment

  Low Monthly License Fee

RabbitRun keeps POS VOIP online

Protect Your Point-of-Sale and Voice over IP

  • We keep your Point-of-Sale system, voice calls, video meetings, and other mission critical applications online when you failover from one internet provider to another.
  • The system recovers seamlessly when the main connection resumes and ensures you don’t consume unnecessary Cellular data.
  • Our advanced Quality-of-Service keeps your voice and video calls crystal clear while your orders and payments get priority delivery over other internet traffic.

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RabbitRun Technologies invented a new type of Multi-Cloud Software-Defined-Networking solution for Small Businesses.

We compete through insight, innovation and excellent support, backed by thoughtful and rapid feature development.

The solution is delivered as a service for a low monthly fee with no upfront equipment costs.

Products are sold through MSP (Managed Service Provider) sales channels, focusing on key networking needs for small business and small enterprise customers.