RabbitRun Jump Service

Installation and Support Reimagined

The RabbitRun Jump Service is available on all RabbitRun devices and greatly simplifies installation and maintenance, as well as your ability to support the end customer.

Ease of Installation

RabbitRun devices are meant to be easily installed, and can be deployed behind the ISP modem with zero configuration.  After boot-up, the Jump service automatically establishes a control channel via a secure tunnel to RabbitRun’s cloud, using a DHCP enabled broadband connection, or the 4G LTE SIM that is included with every device.*   In either case, the control channel allows IT staff to immediately access the device remotely – meaning that devices can be drop-shipped to customers and remotely configured – saving the expense of a truck roll in many cases.  

Because the device is meant to operate behind NAT (in fact, even double NAT found in many small business networks is not a problem) there is no need for a public IP address, or port-mapping on the provider modem, further reducing the complexity and expense associated with installation.

Ease of Support

After installation, the Jump Service control channel is always accessible from the RabbitRun portal.  Using an encrypted jump link that is unique to each device, support staff can securely access the device web interface or SSH console without the need for clunky remote access software.  

Because the Jump Service floats over all available links, including the 4G LTE data connection,*  your support team will always be optimally positioned for success – even if the wired connections are unavailable

Support Tools

After jumping to the router, support staff can utilize a comprehensive suite of diagnostic and troubleshooting tools that help to solve problems more expediently, including:

  • Bandwidth Monitor graphs bandwidth utilization over time.
  • MOS Monitor graphs mean opinion score over time.
  • Live Traffic (TCP Dump) Display allows you to view packet contents in real time.
  • Packet Capture (PCAP) tool allows you to filter specific traffic and save to a pcap file for further analysis.
  • MTR is a tool combining traceroute and ping to test network latency and packet loss.
  • Connection Tracking shows unique sessions between the device and other hosts, better isolating traffic flows.
  • Linkflap Monitor shows a timeline of link failures and resulting failover events.
  • 4G Network Analyzer allows you to to view available cellular networks and their relative signal strength.
  • LAN Jump allows you to access the web page of any other device on the LAN.

* RabbitRun devices ship with a multi-carrier 4G LTE SIM in the continental United States.  The SIM can be used to access the Jump Service even if the 4G Failover license is not enabled.   This option may not be supported when the 4G LTE SIM supplied by RabbitRun is replaced with a third-party SIM.

If your customers are looking for “better internet”, we have the solution!

Ensure internet connectivity is protected from disruption and your business stays open with RabbitRun failsafe technology.